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Showing posts from November, 2017
Quirky Quesadillas: School-made ground beef and pinto bean filling in corn tortilla with cheddar cheese and optional tomato salsa
Choice of strawberry or cinnamon applesauce
Optional side salad
Skim or 1% milk, or water
Cheese pizza on whole wheat crust
Side salad: romaine lettuce, carrots, diced tomato
School-made kale chips
Pear crumble: canned pears, whole-grain oat topping, dried cranberries
Skim or 1% milk, or water
Popcorn chicken
Whole grain noodles
Roasted broccoli
Roasted mixed vegetables
Cinnamon applesauce
Skim or 1% milk, or water
Optional side salad: romaine lettuce, carrots, diced tomatoes
Whole wheat rotini pasta with ground beef and tomato sauce
Optional parmesan cheese
Tossed salad: romaine lettuce, baby spinach, carrots, diced celery, sweet red pepper and tomato
Apricot halves
Skim, 1% or skim chocolate milk, or water
Optional sample of today's new breakfast dish: Egg and ham on English muffin
Breaded chicken patty on whole wheat bun
Oven "fried" potatoes
Strawberry applesauce
Skim or 1% milk, or water
Optional spinach salad with diced tomato
Popcorn chicken
Brown rice with optional school-made "Colonel Tso's" sauce
Roasted mixed vegetables
Fresh baby spinach with optional baby carrots, diced tomato
Mandarin orange pieces
Skim or 1% milk, or water
Cheese-filled whole wheat breadsticks with optional marinara sauce
Baby spinach with strawberries and mandarin orange pieces
Hawkeye Salad: black beans, gold corn kernels, diced onion and sweet red pepper in vinaigrette
Celery stick
Diced pears
Dried cranberries
Skim, 1% or chocolate skim milk, or water
Walking Taco: Seasoned ground beef, taco-seasoned tortilla chips, optional lettuce and diced tomato
Hawkeye Salad: Black beans, golden corn kernels, diced tomato and onion in vinaigrette
Diced peaches
Choice of skim or 1% milk, or water