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Breaded chicken nuggets
Sweet potato fries
Green beans
Whole wheat roll with optional margarine (and a birthday candle)
Optional side salad with shredded romaine, carrots, tomatoes
Choice of skim milk, 1% milk, chocolate skim milk, water
"Taco in a Bag" seasoned ground beef, tortilla chips, shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, sour cream, tomato salsa

"Mustang Salad" black beans, corn, chopped tomatoes, NW Garden sweet peppers 

Spinach, strawberry and mandarin salad

Diced peaches

Skim or 1% milk, or water
Mozzarella cheese-filled whole grain breadsticks
Marinara sauce
Spinach salad with fresh strawberries and canned mandarin oranges
Diced pears
Skim or 1% milk or water
Optional lettuce salad with carrots and tomatoes
Popcorn chicken
Brown rice
Cooked carrots, peppers and onions in soy-sesame sauce
Mixed vegetables in mushroom-soup sauce with mini potato patties
Canned apricot halves
Fortune cookie
Optional lettuce salad
Choice of skim milk, 1% milk or water
Turkey and ham sandwich on whole grain bun
Optional cheese and dill pickle slices
Shredded romaine lettuce
Cucumbers from the NW Garden
Choice of skim, 1% or skim chocolate milk, or water
School-made taco pizza on a whole grain crust: enchilada sauce, seasoned ground beef, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese with optional corn chips, lettuce, tomato, tomato salsa, sour cream
Lettuce side salad
Choice of skim or 1% milk, or water
Teachers also enjoy North Winn lunch!
 Mrs. Richert ate a chef's salad (available to staff)
Broccoli in buttery garlic sauce
Carrots and tomatoes
 Mrs. Falck ate Chicken Alfredo with a Twist (rotini noodles)
Lettuce, carrot and tomato side salad

Chicken nuggets
Brown rice baked in Asian sauce
Grape tomatoes
Red grapes
Skim or 1% milk or water
School-made Sock-Rockin' Chili with beef, beans, tomatoes, zucchini and cheese
School-made corn bread
Cinnamon apple sauce
Grape tomatoes
Optional lettuce sala

Hot beef "Sundae": mashed potatoes, shredded beef in gravy, corn kernels, grated cheese & cherry tomato on top
Whole wheat roll with margarine
Frozen strawberries in sweetened juice
Skim, 1% or skim chocolate milk
Taco salad: seasoned ground beef, shredded romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, grated cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream, corn chips
Cyclone Salad
Cole slaw
Skim or 1% milk
Beef meatballs in marinara sauce on a whole grain bun
Mozzarella cheese
Cyclone Salad (black-eye peas, pinto beans, celery, onion, corn (that's the gold) and sweet red peppers (that's the red in ISU Cyclone colors) in a vinegar-oil dressing
Cole slaw
Mandarin orange pieces
Skim or 1% milk
Popcorn chicken in citrus-flavored sauce
Brown rice
Sliced apple
Fresh vegetables: celery, carrots, red and green sweet peppers and School Garden cucumbers
Hummus (garbanzo bean) dip
Ranch dip
School-baked whole grain sugar cookie
Skim or 1% white milk
BBQ pulled pork on whole grain bun
School-made creamy cole slaw
Sidekick (slushy frozen 100% juice)
Choice of skim or 1% milk
Dill pickle slices
Lettuce, carrot and tomato tossed salad
Beef burger on whole grain bug
Sweet potato oven fries
Optional dill pickles
Optional carrots, lettuce, tomato and School Garden cucumbers
Peaches in gelatin
School-made kale chips
Choice of milk
Quirky (beef and bean) Quesadillas with optional salsa and sour cream
Corn with sweet red and green peppers
Roasted zucchini from the NW Garden
Fruit cocktail
Choice of milk
Cheese & pepperoni pizza on whole grain crust
Tossed salad with romaine lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, North Winn Garden cucumbers and whole grain croutons
Chopped pears
or Cinnamon applesauce 
Choice of milk